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If you are attending a high profile business party which will witness the presence of high profile businessmen from various parts of the world, then, having a charming escort by your side can make a lot of difference. Beijing plays host to a lot of these high profile parties and we understand your need to have an escort. If you are looking for a Beijing Escort Service to hire escorts in Beijing, then, your search ends here!

Unlike most of the agencies in this region, we pride on our selection of escorts who are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. While most other Beijing escorts agencies make empty claims of providing you with escorts who belong to the fashion fraternity, not all of them can stay true to their promise. However, we take pride in mentioning that we provide the crème-de-la-crème of the fashion industry to light up your day. Not many people have the honor of dating high profile models from fashion magazines like CLEO, Maxim or FHM.

Thanks to our efficient Beijing Escorts service, we now have a loyal client database spanning multiple continents. Every client of ours comes with the expectation of getting the best and surely does not return disappointed.

"Discreet" or "Special Services"

It is a private arrangement between the lady and the client. We, simply, act as a bridge between models and gentlemen. We do not interfere the personal matters between the two adults. Please read more about our terms and conditions here

Should you opt for Beijing Model Escort? Well, of course yes! There is more than one benefit of opting for us to service your needs. Hire Beijing escort today!

It is a private arrangement between the lady and the client. We, simply, act as a bridge between models and gentlemen. We do not interfere the personal matters between the two adults. Please read more about our terms and conditions here

"Discreet" or "Special Services"

1 Discretion and confidentiality: You can be rest assured of confidentiality. Since most of our clients belong to the class of elite people, discretion is a key feature they look out for. We respect our clients' need for privacy and ensure that all the dating services are kept under wraps without exposure to the public eye.

2 Direct contact with models: Yes, that's right! We do not negotiate on your behalf with the models. You can get to choose the lady who captivates your attention and we will directly arrange for a meeting between you and your chosen model to talk about the terms of the arrangement. This ensures no communication gap between the parties involved and every person involved is kept happy at the end of the day. We do not profit from the arrangement. We only charge the service charges to for introducing you to the escort.

3 Passion towards the profession: We believe the success is a result of passion towards what we do. We recruit only the best models from Beijing who understand their roles to perfection. This ensures you get complete value for the money you spend on availing their services.

4 Transparency in transaction: Tell me how many agencies can provide you with what they show you? Well, the truth is not many! However, at Beijing Model Escorts we bring to your accurate pictures of the models and set up a meeting with the one you choose. Every model at our agency is treated with respect and there are no hidden charges in any of our transactions.

5 Security & Serenity: We ensure that all our clients will have complete discretion. All the arrangement and planning will be smooth and fast for your pleasure.

we like to build long-term relationships with our lovely clients, based on trust. And that requires operating with integrity, something we take very seriously. We understand that the effort an elite international escort puts into her presentation and conduct for a date, as well as her investment in herself in terms of overall quality and grooming, deserves a suitable fee for her time. She could be anywhere, but has decided to make herself available to meet with you. Everyone knows that quality items bear a luxury price, and one ideally receives what one pays for... However we do not agree that cost is the main focus of any exchange.

Beautiful female travel companion As such, we operate under two truths. 1) Our fees are expensive, as a measure to retain our luxury companionsĄŻ freshness and exclusivity to only the most vip clientele. The ladies are not available to escort just anyone who calls, nor interested in meeting hundreds of people. Yet, 2) We do not focus on an exchange of money-for-time only. We focus on a quality exchange of energies, within a mutually enjoyable experience. Payment is merely a gesture, from a well-bred, discerning gentleman to a sophisticated lady, to show his good faith and affluence.

We work hard to ensure you receive exactly the quality and luxury you expect, and nothing less. You can read and leave some feedback here. We look forward to discussing your needs, and being a part of your beautiful memories - maybe even introducing you to the love of your life!

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