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Do I need to pay additional?
Not at all because what you pay is what you get and we have no intention of taking your money without providing quality and genuine model. Our escorts offer their time and companionship for your business or leisure engagements.

Can I see certain model once immediately after calling?
Unfortunately it will takes at least 3 HOURS, if not, more. Our Beijing escorts are either students or working fulltime. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointment.

Can I see more photos? I can’t see their face at all and how can I decide?
The conservative nature of each country varies. It may be different from where you come from, where photos of the escorts' faces may be made publicly available. However please kindly understand that Beijing is a small Asian country with small community. Sometimes escorting is even considered as taboo due to its highly conservative nature. Besides, our ladies are stand out from the normal society as most of them are in fashion & entertainment which fall under the public eyes. Hence we can never show more photos or the faces of the model. Please just respect their confidentiality & trust us.

Can I deal directly with the model for any change of plan, future plan or additional service?
Absolutely not, the model's safety and discretion are the responsibility of the agency and hence we do not allow any direct dealing such as directly asking for additional hours. Requests for these must be made directly to the agency either by you or ensuring that the model informs us. Exchanging phone numbers or future meet ups without the agency's agreement are a serious violation of our terms and conditions and you will be black listed and the model will be terminated from the agency. They have been briefed on that point seriously.

Are the rates allowed to negotiate?
Not at all. Rest assured that our rates are in fact extremely competitive considering the high quality of our ladies who are professional/part time models, pageant contestants, undergraduates & college students.

Are the escorts are Beijings?
YES. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. We do not employ any illegitimate foreigners or deceive our client for the actual nationality and race of our ladies.

What services do your model escorts provide?
All the services provided by them are stated on their individual pages with their agreement. The agency is only responsible when you hire escorts in Beijing to provide companionship services. Anything else that may happen with the escort are strictly private arrangements and out of the purview of the agency.

Do I need to inform for any special requirement or additional expectation?
Yes. Any of your fantasies, special needs, functions (wedding, lunch, dinner or party), dress code & matters to be noted must be informed along with the booking confirmation. They are trained to accompany you for various activities such as social or business settings. Please check details of our model page for the escort that suits you the best.

What quality do I expect to get?
You will be getting nothing but the best. Not only do our Beijing social escort models fit into your society and your need for private companionship, they are also the local quality models who can carry themselves well.

Are the photos & the descriptions are true and genuine?
ABSOLUTELY. We know there are many agencies with fake photos and what you see and what you get from them is nothing but disappointing. Hence we even assure that we can REFUND or REPLACE any of the ladies that appear to be different persons from those in the photos or not up to their descriptions.

Are your models accepted gifts or tips?
They are ladies who like to be wined and dined and want to be treated nicely. Hence we have no problem with any gifts or tips. These are not compulsory and even if you don’t give any of these, rest assured that our models will still provide the good quality service which our agency is proud of.