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My date with KATE is incomparable. For me, she has the most attractive face. Just by looking at her, you’ll say she’s a model ?C or maybe a young actress. Her allure and her personality is something you’re sure to be something quite special.

KATE is a high class beijing escort. This means she can go out with anybody but she prefers formal functions and high profile events. This isn’t surprising, given her charms and her looks that could kill.

I thought she’s as formal and as stiff as almost all high class beijing escorts are. I sure wasn’t prepared for her panther-like personality. She can come on too strong to me at the formal party I took her at. I’d say she had my knees buckle. We ended up alone in the lounge and she wanted to start some private fun. That’s how vicious she can be. So you better get those hormones up the moment you two are alone in one place.

But more than anything, KATE can treat you like a king. She did that for me and she’ll do it for you too. And as a king, you’ll experience only ecstasy. She’s your servant. You can make her do anything you want her to do. Just make sure she’s in the zone. Keep her satisfied and you’re in for more.

KATE is the best beijing escort girl for me.
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Beijing Kate