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Westerners who are visiting Beijing may find this article interesting. Many visitors to Beijing are from neighboring countries. As Beijing escorts is well known for providing excellent social Beijing escort services, many visitors want to experience such services themselves.

More specifically, they want to experience the companionship of an oriental escort lady. Word has spread far and wide that Beijing oriental escort ladies are pretty, intelligent, and socially amicable. And they have attracted the attention of thousands of visitors each year. But there is just one little problem. As these girls come from Asian countries, that means they come from vastly different cultural backgrounds. If you are planning on hire the services of a social escort, perhaps it is a good idea to spend some time understanding oriental cultures. Here is an interesting example.

Japanese like to eat noodles with soup. In the Japanese culture, one should slurp loudly while eating soup noodles. This is a polite way of saying that the soup noodles taste great. However, in many other cultures, making loud noises while eating is impolite. So while in the presence of Japanese social escorts, don't go telling the poor girl off if she starts slurping loudly! She is probably just trying to be polite.

In addition, remember that social escorts are professionals. Many of them are highly educated, sociable, and intelligent. These are working girls seeking for a better life. In exchange for higher pay, they are offering their companionship. So give them the respect that they deserve when in their presence. Never do anything that imply that there is something wrong with the nature of their jobs. This is a surefire way to spoil the rest of the evening.

If you are bringing a social escort on a date, just behave as you would on a normal date. If you were going for a business function, perhaps gentlemanly behavior would be most appropriate. Being a gentleman means opening doors for them, letting the girls walk through the door first, or pushing the chairs in as they sit. These are signals to the girls that you understand the nature of their jobs, and you respect what they do.

Imagine the opposite. What if you start behaving in a way that any human being will detest? For example, you may be tempted to treat your escort like a maid and order the escort around. The problem is, a social escort is not a maid. And she knows it. So she is going to respond accordingly. The better girls will still behave professionally and give in to your demands. But some girls, being young, may choose to disobey. What then? A potentially pleasant evening may have gone down the drain. The question is, why take such risks?

In the end, it's all about respect and decency. Treat the girls with respect and decency and they will do the same for you.

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