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Our credo is to fulfil any individual wishes. What must your dream woman appear like? Which characteristics do you value by far the most? Which clothes, which accessories would you like her to wear? In which circumstance would you like her to accompany you, and what are your expectations of her? Write to us, and express your desires. We will make them genuine – even probably the most secret ones.

Our ladies

Our ladies are not ”professionals” – they all attend to a entirely typical occupation. They are models, mannequins, actresses or students. They present their escort since they love this activity. High class and style are natural for them. Establishing direct get in touch with to the ladies of our Escort Service isn't feasible. We safeguard the privacy of the ladies precisely as we safeguard yours. Please do not ask the ladies for their private data either. We would regard that as indiscretion.


You inform us of the desired location and time of the meeting. The lady of your option will seem there totally punctually. In the event you don't know your room quantity in the time of the reservation, please call us as soon as you know it – we will then forward this information and facts to your escort.

The ladies of our Escort Service anticipate the payment at the beginning of the meeting – unasked. We anticipate you to hold the fee prepared in an open envelope. If, sadly, the booked lady doesn't meet your expectations, please call us immediately – we will discover a solution. Nevertheless, as a genuine Gentleman, you might compensate the lady towards the extent of her efforts.


In case you may need to call off a booked appointment having a lady of our Escort Service – this just isn't a challenge, we would however kindly request of you to do this inside a respite of 2 days just before the planned date. Unfortunately we can not refund any costs for before-paid flight tickets or comparable expenses.

The ladies are discrete – so be it likewise.

We presume that, you also possess both high class and style and will appreciate the luxury of enthralling hours in a distinguished corporation. Of course, we will treat your data absolutely confidentially and discretely. The ladies of the Escort Service are also obligated to absolute discretion.

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